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The FDA Is At It Again...They Want To Limit Your Access And Choices For Bio-Identical Hormones

I received this disturbing email this morning. Given the fact that I treat hundreds of patients with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BIHRT)

and there are LITERALLY thousands of Americans who rely on them for health and wellness, it is imperative that we speak up for our heath care sovereignty !!! The hyperlinks work so please use them. There is even a page to contact your senators and congressmen as well as a page to add YOUR story if you have benefited from bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Confronting the threat to compounded hormone therapy

When the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine released its FDA-funded report on cBHT last summer, FDA issued a public statement saying it would base its next steps on compounded hormones on that report — a statement widely interpreted to mean FDA will act to restrict compounded hormone therapy. We’re talking therapies that many patients rely on for their quality of life.

The NASEM report has a number of apparent flaws that negate its credibility. Those are documented in a stunning new white paper from the Berkeley Research Group, commissioned by the Pharmacy Compounding Foundation. Click here for a summary of that white paper.

In addition, the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding is mounting a media campaign to help patients share their compounded hormone success stories with members of Congress. Learn more about the media campaign — and contribute to the effort — at

The landing page for patients to share those testimonials with members of Congress has just launched at

APC has created a template letter for prescribers to customize and share with their compounded hormone patients, alerting them to FDA’s threat. Click here to download that Word .docx file.

Thank you for helping to protect cBHT, and the millions of patients who rely on it!

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