Strangest Thanksgiving Ever???


I don’t know about you, but last week I just pigged out on Thanksgiving Day. But it was not a normal thanksgiving. Most of my family was missing. And it just wasn’t the same without them.

Sure, we had my mom’s famous clam dip and sweet potato pie, and we gorged ourselves on cheese and crackers (not something I do very often anymore). But it just wasn’t the same.

This year has been the weirdest, craziest, most anxiety-producing year in my entire life. And I’m sure it has been the same for many of you.

That’s why I am looking for 5 people to start my LeakyGut Solution Program in December. That’s right – you heard me - DECEMBER!

I know the holidays can make changing your diet and lifestyle difficult. But I want you to see that this can be implemented as a permanent, wellness-enhancing way of life. And I want you to start in December.

And I want you to witness first-hand the benefits. I want to help you get started on achieving your weight loss goals - BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

I want to help you gain more energy than you'll ever need for shopping, wrapping, working out, and making your home festive.

I want to help you improve your moods and decrease any anxiety that might pop up around the holidays.

I want to help you to shed a few pounds before most people even start their new year's resolutions.

Let’s KISS 2020 GOODBYE and start 2021 on the right foot getting Healthy To The Core!

There is no better time than right now to get this started.

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Especially given the fact that I am offering 29% of the cost of the program...Yep, 29%!

I'm offering this to the 1st 5 people that sign up in December. That way you'll have a couple of weeks under your belt just in time for the holidays...And don't worry, you'll still be able to enjoy most of the good stuff you love.

(I'm a big believer of the 90/10 rule - If you do it right 90% of the time, you'll reap nearly 100% of the benefits --95/5 is even better. But hey, we're all human after all).

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Together, let's put 2020 in the review mirror and kickstart 2021 Healthy To The Core!