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Latest Client Testimonial For My LeakyGutSolution Program

"My husband and I have both just completed the 12 weeks program and we are so happy with the results. Dr. Floyd gave us the encouragement and the tools to make a significant difference in our lives. We're now eating and sleeping so much better and as a bonus, we both are wearing clothes that haven't fit us in years. We intend to continue eating whole, organic, fresh foods... like we were doing on the plan because it makes us feel great! Getting started wasn't as hard as I thought it would be because being sick, sluggish, and feeling unwell wasn't working for us anymore. Prior to the program we were eating pretty good but now we've learned what our bodies need to function in a way that has helped lower our blood pressure and our cholesterol. Last year my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic and now I'm as far away from that as I can be. Thanks Dr. Floyd for recommending your program to us. What a tremendous difference it has made!"

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