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Improving Your Health And Wellness Is Patriotic!!

4th of July is here!!! Being healthy is patriotic. Being fit is patriotic. Living a long vibrant, and fulfilling life is patriotic. So I’m starting a new Case Study group and I’m looking for 5 people who are looking to sustainably change their lives for good and are ready to make 2021 their best year ever... by dropping unwanted weight, getting healthy to the core and revitalizing their lives.

We’ll focus on optimizing wellness by shedding those unwanted pounds by making sustainable and lasting changes.

This program is ONLY designed for clients that:

1. Are open to change

2. Want to optimize their weight

3. Have had other programs fail them

4. Are friendly and coachable

5. And can keep a secret

Reply to this message with the words CASE STUDY and I’ll send all the details. I’ll be choosing people this week.

Dr. Floyd MD, IFMCP

PS. This will not be free but it will be 10x cheaper than anything else people are considering or have tried before because it actually works. After all, isn’t that what we all want?

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