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15 Common Nutrient Deficiencies & Symptoms

#7- Vitamin B2 - AKA Riboflavin -- One more very common B vitamin deficiency.

Why is it important?

Like many of the other B vitamins, B2 helps with metabolism, cellular respiration, the conversion of carbohydrates to energy, and the breakdown of fats and proteins. It is also very important for healthy, skin hair and nails. Important for iron absorption.

Deficiency symptoms.

Normocytic anemia secondary to decreased iron absorption, decreased free radical protection, fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, B6 deficiency, stomatitis, cataracts, B6 deficiency, and elevated homocysteine levels.

What is it found in?

B2 is found in high amounts in eggs and diary and meats. Also available in brewers yeast and wheatgerm, nuts, mushrooms, and green vegetables. Many countries have mandated it be an additional supplement to processed grains.

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