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15 Common Nutrient Deficiencies and Symptoms

#4 Calcium

Why is it important?

Calcium is important for strong bones and teeth and helps nerves, muscles and is extremely important in the regulation of blood pressure. It also helps with good heart tone, blood clotting and muscle contractions - including the smooth muscles of the blood vessels.

Deficiency symptoms.

Mood instabilities with increased anxiety and irritability. Calcium helps fight against osteoporosis and osteomalacia and reduces muscle cramps and even reduces colon cancer risks.

What is it found in?

Calcium is a very abundant nutrient found in many foods including leafy greens, dairy, wheat and soy flour, enriched foods, cruciferous vegetables, many nuts, oysters and salmon.

A word of caution: too much calcium supplementation with normal calcium levels can be detrimental to you health-check you levels and supplement with vitamin K2-D3. K2 helps calcium deposition in the teeth and bones where you want it most...

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