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Medical Experts Versus a Balanced Approach

This little ditty was written by one of my patients. I think it has some very poignant ideas and exemplifies how many people in the US feels right now about government oversight and freedoms that WERE once enjoyed by Americans. I like his idea about the "pioneering spirit" and how it should be up to people to assess their own risks and benefits. The government is not supposed to be the great protector and decider of it's citizens-it's job is to provide us the appropriate information and let us make our own choices.

Medical Experts Versus a Balanced Approach L. A. 4/20/20

With the appearance of Covid-19, it was the medical experts who instilled deep rooted fear in America. The first platform was, “we must slow the curve because our medical system will be overloaded.” Canceling elective surgery alone would have opened up more space than needed in most areas. It sure did in Northern Nevada, where the hospitals are half empty!

Now the platform is “we cannot lose more lives to Covid-19.” And that is the platform for not opening the economy which many Governors are standing upon.

It was the medical experts who set parameters and guidelines for government to follow, and which guidelines most leaders are following. It becomes political high risk to go against such advice. “We must save lives.” That is a statement which is difficult to confront or challenge. Where was this mantra when over 60,000 Americans died from the flu in the 2017-2018 flu season?

It was the medical experts who projected in horrendous models that hundreds of thousands could die, or even millions, from Covid-19. That will put some fear in you!

However we got where we are, it is now clear that very few leaders are willing to go against the advice of the “Medical Experts,” and in news release after release, elected representatives say they will defer to the experts. Medical experts are now running the government at local, state and federal levels. Medical experts are not the elected representatives who are given the responsibility for governing all of the people, not only the sick or high risk portion of the population.

A balanced voice is missing! Although you hear of one popping up in a few places, only to be severely criticized for not completely adhering to the medical expert’s advice. Some Americans, and many in the media have no tolerance for a balanced approach, and their reporting on the virus subject makes that abundantly clear.

This nation has slid into depression era financial condition not because of Covid-19, but from the extreme unbalanced decisions of those elected to govern! Millions … MILLIONS are out of work. Instead of expediting getting Americans back to work, the federal government is doling out money because the states have shut businesses down. Families are stressed. Depression and despair are rising. Small businesses are closing and many will never reopen. There has even been mention of allowing States to file bankruptcy, something the Constitution prevents. State operating funds are reduced by the work shut down they themselves created. Bankruptcy is not the solution, letting people return to work is!

Uncertainty about the future is weighing on the hearts and minds of millions of Americans. This damage must be factored into governing at all levels, along with the medical advice! We cannot kill businesses, families, and the future of the nation because of following only medical advice.

The trauma to businesses, families and individuals must also be factored into any decision on handling Covid-19. The solution to isolate, shut down business, restrict the populations’ movement and activities may be the best medical solution, if that was all that was considered. But it should not be the only thing considered. Government should consider all factors, and employ a balanced approach.

Where is the American pioneer spirit? That willingness to risk life for the sake of a better future? Knowing that death and danger awaited them, they traveled west. Today, we know that Covid-19 is out there. Is the best answer really to run and hide? Isn’t the best answer to educate, give good guidance, and let each American decide for themselves their own individual level of risk? Let the fearful stay isolated. Let those with compromised health decide their own level of taking risks. Let business reopen! Let churches and synagogues reopen. Open our parks and beaches! Let people live!

A better mantra is this: “When the fear of death kills living, we need a better balance.”

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