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People, People, People...

I know I have been MIA over the past few months. This has been a crazy time for everyone including myself. I have gone through many emotions over the past 3 months ranging from fear, anger, contempt, despair, hope, intrigue, optimism, perplexity, and doubt just to name a few. The times now are fraught with uncertainty and confusion and many people are wondering what has happened to humanity.

Integrative medicine is a complex art that strives to care for the person as a whole. This includes the physical, the biochemical as well as the emotional and spiritual well being of the patient. When I came across this podcast I was moved to tears. It is very heavy and I think it is exactly what people need to hear at a time that is so important to remember that we are all just brothers and sisters to one another regardless of your color, your political bent, your socio-economic status, or your religious beliefs.

Jocko Willink is a former Navy Seal who has great insight into life and death. He has seen and lived through things most people can only imagine. I have read about the Christmas Eve story before and it is true. Hopefully this video will give you some hope and restore your faith in mankind. We all need this now.

To your health...including the physical, the spiritual, and the emotional!!

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