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Dr. Floyd is double board-certified by The American Academy of Family Physicians and The Institute for Functional Medicine. He is a member of the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine, and the Paleo Physicians Network.  Dr. Floyd believes in "life-long learning" and continuing medical education, empowering his medical knowledge daily so he can share the most up to date information with his patients.  Dr. Floyd has extensive training in Functional Medicine, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Trauma Surgery, and Critical Care and has been working as an integrative physician, a Hospitalist and Emergency Medicine Physician over the past 10 years, including holding the position of Medical Director for more than three years.

Dr. Floyd's interest in integrative medicine modalities in Boulder, Colorado.  With its progressive community, Boulder is a bastion of integrative and complementary medicine.  It was there he first learned the power of acupuncture and herbal medicine to heal injuries sustained as a rock-climbing guide.  It was there he also began his early medical career, becoming an EMT and working as a professional ski patroller.  

When not practicing medicine, Dr. Floyd enjoys riding dirt bikes, making music, skiing, and working on his ranch with his wife. He is also on the path to a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Reclaim Your Wellness

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Bottles of Homeopathy Globules
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Natural Medicine
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Homeopathic Bottles
Chinese Medicine Herbs
Rosemary Sprig
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Homemade Remedies

My Integrative Services

Integrative Health Treatments

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Services Offered

Dietary Guidelines

A healthy diet emphasizes minimally processed organic foods and the avoidance of refined carbohydrates and hydrogenated oils. The consumption of unadulterated, “clean” sources of vegetables, fruits, proteins and water are essential for good health.

Vitamin Therapy

High-quality vitamins and professional-grade nutrients help biological processes function normally. Antioxidants provide cellular protection from toxic environmental chemicals and metabolic waste — a vital key to longevity and good health.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies have been used safely for thousands of years and help relieve many medical conditions. We utilize herbal remedies with time-honored traditions from the United States and around the world.

Enzyme Support

Enzymes improve digestion and many other biological problems such as injury from trauma, arthritic inflammation, mucous conditions, high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries.

Amino Acid Therapy

Supplementation of amino acids is very successful for many conditions. By giving the amino acid precursors to neurotransmitters we can safely suppress the appetite and greatly facilitate weight loss. It also successfully treats migraine headaches, depression, anxiety, anger, insomnia, ADHA, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and Parkinson’s disease.

Homeopathic Medicine

These preparations are completely nontoxic and are extremely powerful remedies matched to your personal nature. They are unique in relieving symptoms such as inherited weaknesses, physical and emotional imbalances. Our Clinic’s homeopathic remedies are formulated by FDA-approved manufacturers.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Laboratory testing and hormone evaluation is an important part of our medical services. Thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones in balance prevent or reverse chronic illness. Bioidentical hormones produce dramatic improvements in health longevity and sexuality without the side effects of synthetic hormone replacement.

Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy is indispensable in relieving acute and chronic pain. This very effective injection technique was first developed in Germany in the 1920s. Anesthetic procaine is injected in the skin and into scars to normalize and detoxify the nerves that control our body’s biological processes.

Musculoskeletal Treatments

Structure is a major factor for overall health. The proper alignment of the bones, muscles, ligaments and fascia which support organs is achieved through the use of body work techniques including orthobionomy and cranial sacral therapy.

Isopathic Remedies

These are highly effective, FDA-approved remedies imported from Germany. They can act as antibiotics, anticoagulants and immunity boosters with no side effects. They are safe for children and do not deplete bacterial flora as do traditional antibiotics.

Intravenous Therapies

IV therapy with intravenous vitamins, minerals, amino acids, homeopathic and isopathic remedies can provide powerful, drug-free relief for many conditions. Our Clinic is extremely successful in treating many acute and chronic infectious diseases.

Heavy Metal Removal

Intravenous and oral intervention removes heavy metals such as mercury and lead, allowing the body to eliminate them through normal excretion. Heavy metal removal has been shown to return normal blood flow to the extremities, genitals, heart and head. These therapies can be dramatically effective in the reversal of numerous disorders including leg pain, coronary artery disease, irregular heartbeat, senility and prevention of strokes.

Laser Energetic Detox

Computerized evaluation and laser treatment of toxic solvents, metals, plastics, herbicides, industrial waste and volatile hydrocarbons.

Dental Detoxification

Silver fillings contain mercury and other dangerous metals that leak into the body and can foster disease. Root canals can leave chronic infections in the jaw and facial bones. These infections have serious effects not only in the mouth, but also throughout the entire body. Dr. Gerber works closely with biological dentists trained in advanced dental techniques.

Candida Yeast and Parasite Elimination

Chronic parasitism and abnormal bowel bacteria can cause many problems including pain, bowel dysfunction, fatigue, depression and other neurological problems. Stool specimens are sent to the best parasitic disease laboratories for evaluation. A specialized regimen is then developed using herbs and pharmaceuticals to eliminate parasites and control candida yeast.


Thermography utilizes a temperature sensitive camera to display heat patterns. These patterns are then interpreted by a specialist. Breast thermographic imaging can identify abnormalities years before mammography, without the potentially harmful radiation and uncomfortable compression of the breast. Finding early abnormalities allows the doctor-patient team to be proactive in restoring breast health. Thermography is also used to evaluate blood flow to the head and feet and shows the location and degree of musculoskeletal injury.

Lipid Exchange Therapy

Lipids (fats) make up all of our body’s cell membranes which change substantially with aging and illness. Oral and intravenous phosphatidylcholine followed with a glutathione solution restores the cell’s ability to receive and store nutrients and eliminate toxins. It is a powerful treatment for vascular diseases.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy has been used for millennia in many different forms (see Dr. Gerber’s article for more in depth background).  Our colon hydrotherapy not only helps to restore optimal colon anatomy and reduces the huge burden of intestinal bacteria which create a monumental load for our immune system but adds in other features.  In our colonics, we can add coffee, which goes through the veins around the colon into the liver and flushes out liver toxins by activating several enzyme systems and ozone (O3) which not only kills bacteria but stimulates the body’s immune system and is anti inflammatory.  Additionally, we may add a probiotic (lactobacillis, acidophilus and bifidus) to powerfully restore beneficial bacteria to the colon and fight candida/yeast overgrowth.  

Yoga at Home
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